Wits is strategically located in Johannesburg, a world class city and the economic hub of South Africa, with countless opportunities for students and staff to engage with and present solutions that will contribute to our country's knowledge-base and build our future. With its more than 160 000 graduates in its 95-year history, Wits has made and will continue to make its mark nationally and internationally. Wits is positioned 24th by the Times Higher Education Rankings among the world top 100 universities from which Fortune 500 CEO's graduated.

Getting to know Wits

Wits University is a centre for higher education and research of the highest quality. Its long history and reputation has been built on promoting the freedom of enquiry and the search for knowledge and truth. It continues to enhance its position as a leading research intensive university in South Africa.

Wits Today

Wits, one of Africa’s premier research universities strives to be innovative, where boundaries of knowledge are pushed and where the focus is on sustaining globally competitive standards of excellence in learning, teaching and research.

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Students choose to study at Wits because it is an internationally respected research intensive university. Wits has highly qualified and internationally acclaimed academic staff. Based in Johannesburg, the economic hub of Africa, Wits offers a wide choice of degree programmes with our professional degrees being internationally recognized. Wits offers the students social vibrancy as well as cultural diversity.

Postgraduate Studies

Looking to enhance your career? Need the competitive edge? Join Wits, where we offer intellectually stimulating research areas at the postgraduate level, excellent supervision and research support, as well as funding for meritorious students and those in financial need.

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University of the Witwatersrand

The PhD in Education is offered by the Wits School of Education, as a research degree. This highly innovative programme is designed to catapult you to academic leadership ... [+]

The PhD in Education is offered by the Wits School of Education, as a research degree. This highly innovative programme is designed to catapult you to academic leadership in your chosen area of study. Though the Thesis is the only examinable component of this programme, we provide support to ensure the success of your thesis through the following activities designed to support students in their studies, give students opportunities to interact with each other, receive critical feedback on their work from fellow students and academics beyond their supervisor, and provide forums for intellectual and emotional support in the research journey:

Research degrees weekends: The School runs four weekends dedicated to research degrees students. Each student is encouraged to present their research at least once a year, throughout the duration of their study. The presentations provide you with the opportunity to discuss your research in progress, listen to ideas and views from peers and another faculty who are not normally conversant with your work. Seminars and workshops: These provide a vibrant research training programme to help you sharpen your research skills and to provide you with the necessary academic support. Student reading groups: Students are encouraged to participate in these voluntary reading support groups which are designed to help you make sense of the various philosophical and theoretical perspectives in social sciences research. Benefits of the programme A prestigious qualification from one of the world’s best institutions of higher learning The ability to engage in academic debates locally and globally The... [-]
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