Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport



Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is one of the seventeen faculties based on the venerable Charles University.

Czech higher physical education dates back to the period before World War I. At the beginning, there were various educational courses at the Faculty of Medicine. Efforts of progressive scientists and pedagogues such as prof. Smotlacha, Borovanský, Jirásek and Weigner led to the Bill of establishing âTyrÅ¡âs State Institute of Physical Educationâ in 1930. This idea was implemented after the War by forming âInstitute for Education of Physical Education at Charles Universityâ.

In 1948 the Institute was incorporated in the Faculty of Education, out of which, independent Higher School of Education was formed in 1953. A new higher school â âInstitute of Physical Education and Sportâ was founded in 1953 together with âResearch Institute of Physical Educationâ. Both institutions provided education for pedagogical, scientific and managing workers who wanted to pursue their career in the area of physical education and sport science. Within reorganization of higher schools, which took place in 1958, three departments of Higher School of Education were joined to the Institute of Physical Education and Sport. The new formation was joined to Charles University as one of its faculties.




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