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35 PhD Programs in Malaysia for 2024



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PhD Programs in Malaysia

There are a range of choices of universities and programs for earning a PhD in Malaysia, as the country has grown to be an attractive destination for international students. There are a number of universities that focus on science and technology, among other subjects, and have high quality research programs. Another benefit is that earning a PhD in Malaysia can be a fraction of the price compared to universities in Europe and the US. Students can also benefit from the international presence as well as the local Asian culture, offering an exciting environment for pursuing a PhD.

Program requirements vary, however, like most PhD programs, a PhD in Malaysia requires extensive research in the field of study that leads to the writing for a dissertation or thesis, and then defense of the dissertation or thesis in front of a panel of experts.

If you are looking for an exciting destination for advancing your education and career, then you may want to consider a PhD in Malaysia. Scroll through the options below and find out!