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33 PhD Programs in Languages 2024



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PhD Programs in Languages

PhD is short for Doctor of Philosophy, and refers to a postgraduate degree that is offered in both humanities and the sciences. It typically requires four years of extensive studying to complete, sometimes longer, and the student must complete a dissertation or thesis to graduate.

What is a PhD in Languages? More than just studying one language, this doctorate degree will normally focus on linguistics and communication, skills that can be applied to many different careers. With some programs, you will increase your abilities and knowledge of one specific language. In others, you will learn more about how to teach a second language including planning, evaluation, use of multimedia, and how to approach language studies in the real world.

A postgraduate degree in languages can enhance the student’s ability to think and work in a specific language, making them more marketable for careers in a global setting. It can also expand one’s mind, improving communication skills in general and improving cultural awareness and understanding.

As with any degree, the costs associated with a degree in languages will vary, depending on which program you choose. Online programs often offer a great way of helping to reduce those expenses while still getting an excellent education.

There are many potential employers, depending on what your program specialized in, such as embassies, government offices, language schools, newspapers, magazines, publishing and any multinational businesses or nonprofit. One can find work translating, developing course materials, in research, in communications and in teaching. Having an advanced degree can help one enter into these fields at a higher level than would otherwise be possible.

Studying language in depth is a fascinating way to learn more about communication and people.  To get started on this path, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.