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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 8 Doctors of Philosophy  (PhD) Programs in Forest Sciences 2023

8 PhD Programs in Forest Sciences 2023


A PhD is also known as a Doctorate of Philosophy, or doctoral degree. However, this does not necessarily indicate that philosophy was the field of study. Students may earn a PhD in virtually any subject. A PhD is a more advanced degree than a bachelor’s or master’s. It is the culmination of many years of study, and indicates the highest level of academic achievement. Most PhD students must complete a doctoral dissertation that shows they have made unique contributions to the field, usually through original research.

What is a PhD in Forestry? This type of degree is awarded to a student who has become an expert in forestry or forest ecology. The program may include a variety of advanced science courses with specific attention to botany, biology and ecology. Courses such as forest genetics, forest tree breeding and tree physiology may focus on the physical and genetic aspects of a tree. Other courses, such as ecoinformatics and forest growth, conservation and landscape management, and silviculture and forest ecology may explore the competing needs of the forest industry and environmental conservation.

Completing a PhD takes dedication and hard work, and students who achieve this distinction may stand out from their peers on job applications and in the professional arena. Earning a PhD in Forestry can lead to new job prospects and the opportunity to participate in the forefront of the field.

Students who are interested in a PhD in Forestry should contact prospective universities directly to learn more about the cost and requirements of the programs. Tuition will vary depending on the institution.

Many students who achieve a PhD choose to remain in academics. They may join colleges and universities as full-time professors and researchers, sharing their expertise with graduate and undergraduate students as they continue to advance knowledge in the field. Other graduates may find work in public and private forestry companies as consultants or leaders of research teams. Some graduates may join government agencies dedicated to managing natural resources.

Students who are passionate about forestry will find many interesting PhD programs to suit their interest. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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