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A PhD is the highest degree you can attain in a given subject. Depending on your background, it can take between four and seven years to complete, with certain subjects taking even longer.

More specifically, what is a PhD in Civil Aviation? This degree aims to arm you with the cognitive research skills to advance the field of aviation. Within this field are a few subfields, including operations, aviation safety, human factors and interdisciplinary. Due to the technical nature of these subfields, an aviation PhD requires more work than most, with a course load of usually two or more courses per term. Your research and coursework will be closely monitored by an advisor, who will help lead you to a thesis topic.

During this PhD program, you may learn skills useful for everyday life. These include organization, special awareness and determination. With these skills, you can save time, be more aware of potential collisions and have both the energy and the drive to solve complex problems.

Budgeting for a PhD requires knowing what kind of financial aid you can earn. Since this degree demands full-time study, it may be impossible to have a job at the same time. A stipend or fellowship can help cover book costs, tuition and other fees.

With a PhD, you are highly qualified for and knowledgeable about many jobs within aviation. It is common to continue researching after completing a PhD, either as part of a research and development team or within academia. Some job titles in industry you can search for include airport operations coordinator, aviation project manager, senior engineer and staff civil engineer. Earning a PhD can also be useful in earning a promotion or a raise in your current job.

There are many schools that offer a PhD in Civil Aviation, so you can narrow your search by considering what factors are most important to you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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