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PhD Programs in Economic Studies Accounting Accounting and Finance

The PhD is an extremely high level of academic achievement that is reserved for those that have completed multiple degree programs. It usually takes three years, during which time a thesis is developed through intensive research. A PhD also grants extensive career benefits to holders.

What is a PhD in Accounting and Finance? By studying this field, students are preparing to manage the financial department of a corporation. Areas of study usually include capital structure, investment, international finance, risk, dividends, and cash flow valuation. While economic aspects are the main focus of this field, students frequently learn managerial elements as well, preparing them to enter leadership positions.

Graduates’ careers benefit greatly from holding a PhD. More advanced positions can be entered and a much higher salary is attainable. Choosing to continue studying also typically skips much of the time that is usually required to advance through lower-level positions.

The cost of earning a PhD varies quite a bit depending on your situation. Your school and program of choice will influence how much you will pay in tuition and fees. Even your country will change the cost, so thorough research is necessary before enrolling.

It is most common for those studying accounting and finance to enter the financial department of a corporation. While all the accounting positions that are available with a lower-level degree, such as accountant or auditor, are still open to PhD holders, it is more common for these graduates to pursue positions of leadership or advanced analysis. These kinds of positions include senior investment consultant and department head. Alternatively, it is possible to study law alongside finance in order to become a policy maker.

Studying accounting and finance begins by finding the right program for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.