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Saint Louis University Ph.D. in Engineering
Saint Louis University

Ph.D. in Engineering

St. Louis, USA

4 Years


Full time

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Aug 2024

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The Ph.D. in Engineering program at Saint Louis University's School of Science and Engineering focuses on a specific research topic. The students are expected to conduct original academic research that culminates in a dissertation and peer-reviewed publications. Additional coursework related to the chosen research area is also required.

Ph.D. students prepare a program of study that must be approved by the faculty advisor, department chair and the director of graduate programs. This program of study is developed and then reviewed within the context of students’ background and career goals, allowing students to customize their program to suit their professional goals.

Graduate students in engineering at Saint Louis University will demonstrate:

  1. enhanced professional and analytical skills through the development of an in-depth understanding of theoretical and practical concepts;
  2. excellent communication skills through written and oral presentations;
  3. creative thinking skills through mastery of topics required to solve complex engineering problems; and
  4. depth of knowledge required to pursue advanced work in a modern, ever-changing world through entrepreneurial experiences woven into their program.

These attributes will be assessed during the required examination milestones. For a Ph.D., the required milestones include a qualifying exam, a written dissertation proposal and corresponding oral defense, and a written dissertation and corresponding oral defense presentation.


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