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Georgian State University Of Theatre And Film

Georgian State University Of Theatre And Film

Georgian State University Of Theatre And Film


The Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University trains actors of drama and film, musical theatre, puppetry, marionettes, and pantomime, directors of drama, film, and television, cinematographers, theatre and film critics, art historians, specialists of television and other media, choreographers, managers of tourism and experts of the cultural-educational sector.

Our students have gained international success and the highest awards at various film and theatre festivals and competitions.

The University has D. Aleksidze theatre, scientific library, laboratories, educational, scientific institute, which prepares encyclopedias of Georgian theatre and cinema.

The University has faculties of Drama, Film and Television, Humanities, Social sciences and Management, and Georgian Folk Music and Dance, where over a thousand students obtain Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degrees.

The University played a huge role in training specialists of theatre and cinema for the entire Caucasus Region. The University brought up specialists for Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Abkhazian, Ossian, Ingush, Chechen and other theatres. Many now-famous theatres were founded based on the university's training and diploma performances (such as Cinema Actors Theatre, Meskhetian Theatre, Theatre Metekhi, Akhmeteli Theatre, Theatre of Saingilo, Pantomime Theatre, etc.).

The University maintains creative and scientific relations with the universities in different countries.


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    Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue,40, , Tbilisi