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Buck Institute Ph.D. in the Biology of Aging
Buck Institute

Ph.D. in the Biology of Aging

Novato, USA

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Sep 2023

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The nation’s first Ph.D. program in the biology of aging offers graduates an unprecedented opportunity to learn from world leaders in the field of aging research, both at the Buck Institute and the USC Davis School of Gerontology in Los Angeles. The Buck and USC joined forces in 2014 to create this unique program, enabling the next generation of scientists to enter the field fully prepared to participate and make their own breakthroughs aimed at extending human healthspan. Drawing on the strength of both organizations, this comprehensive interdisciplinary program focuses on molecular, cellular, and regenerative medicine and the integrative biology of aging. Ph.D. candidates take core courses on the molecular and cellular biology of aging and age-related disease and then select a specialty from the following list: neuroscience, molecular and cellular biology, stem cell and regenerative sciences, and biomedical sciences. Students will study closely with a faculty mentor and have opportunities to collaborate on research and publications, attend colloquia, participate in and attend national meetings, and develop a professional network to support an independent career in research on aging.

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