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Best Part time PhDs in General Studies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain 2019

A PhD is the abbreviation for Doctor of philosophy. This degree is a post graduate program delivered to a high level student researcher who has done deep research in a specific field or subject.

For the eclectic or noncommittal student, a general studies program can work wonders because it allows them to sample courses from several different majors. This academic smorgasbord can help illuminate areas of interest that students were not even aware they had.

Part time Doctor of Philosophy in General Studies in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spain

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Universidad de La Laguna

The Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies of Gender constitutes a novel bet in the Spanish university panorama, since it lacks precedents in the Spanish university. It i ... [+]

The most recent research has shown how in many fields of scientific knowledge, from the humanities to medicine, through the social sciences and engineering, sex and gender variables are insufficiently considered. Stereotypes and biases persist in research and technological developments, which often build as a universal norm what are the realities, experiences and expectations of a group of people, mostly males, mostly white and of a certain economic level, and they consider the realities of other people as deviations from the norm. Science, like any other field of human activity, is not free from the cultural and social determinants of its time. Gender stereotypes, and the lower social value of women are often transferred to a stereotyped and lesser consideration of their specific realities, whether of a social or biological nature, in research.... [-]

Spain Santa Cruz de Tenerife
September 2019
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