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In Food Science programs students learn the scientific principles behind food processing, storage, packaging, and distribution. They study human nutrition, food chemistry, microbiology, and human health and safety.

Doctorate Program in Food Sciences in Czech Republic

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Brno University of Technology

The aim of the study is to reach the balance between theoretical and experimental skills and the application of the general procedures in chemistry and food technology. ... [+]

Chemistry and Technology of Foodstuffs

Abbreviation: DKAP_CHTP

Level of course unit: Doctoral

Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry

Academic year: 2019/2020

A title awarded: Ph.D.

Qualification awarded: Ph.D. in the field "Chemistry and Technology of Foodstuffs"

Level of qualification: Doctoral (3rd cycle)

Specific admission requirements:

Master degree in chemical engineering, food chemistry or other chemical specializations earned at university faculties, ICT Prague or agricultural universities.

Key learning outcomes:

The Ph.D. study and study related research are focused on the acquisition and development of theoretical knowledge and experimental skills in the areas of food chemistry and engineering processes of food production, applied analytical and physical chemistry, microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biotechnology. The study is designed in line with the development of food science and food technologies and other basic and applied specializations.... [-]

Czech Republic Brno
September 2019
4 years
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