Doctoral Programs


Program Description

Required documents

  1. 1. A person who holds a masters degree, a master's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree may be admitted to a doctoral school.
    A graduate of a first-cycle program or a student who has completed the third year of a uniform master's program if:
    1. on the basis of the documents submitted by the candidate, the central recruitment commission determines that the candidate possesses particularly high scientific achievements in the field of a given or related discipline in which the doctoral school is run,
    2. on the basis of an interview conducted with the candidate, the central recruitment commission determines that the candidate has broadened knowledge in the field of research methodology and dissemination of the results of scientific activity.
  2. Required documents:
    1. a color scan of the diploma of completion of the second-degree or uniform MA studies or a diploma referred to in art. 326 para. 2 point 2 or art. 327 para. 2 of the Act, giving the right to apply for a doctorate degree in a country of issue,
    2. personal questionnaire completed in the recruitment system
    3. a current photograph of the candidate in accordance with the requirements applicable when issuing identity cards - in electronic form,
    4. in the case when the diploma referred to in point 1 does not confirm the knowledge of English at the level at least B2 of the European System of Description of Language Education:
      1. a color scan of another diploma of completion of studies confirming knowledge of English at this level either,
      2. a color scan of the certificate confirming the knowledge of English at this level, a list of certificates available.
    5. the initial concept of the doctoral dissertation prepared in accordance with the model available,
    6. motivation letter presenting the motivation of the candidate to undertake education at the doctoral school, and the subject area of the doctoral dissertation,
    7. a statement of the promoter chosen by the candidate to undertake scientific care for the preparation of a doctoral dissertation in the case of learning by the candidate and the number of Ph.D. students, over which the promoter exercises scientific care, in accordance with the formula specified available.
    8. documents confirming the candidate's scientific achievements:
      1. scientific publications,
      2. delivering a scientific paper at a scientific conference,
      3. participation in research projects,
      4. activity in scientific circles and organizations,
      5. obtained patents and patent applications,
      6. awards and distinctions obtained,
      7. obtained a minister's scholarship for outstanding achievements,
    9. declaration on the lack of contraindications to undertake education, in which there are harmful factors,
    10. a statement about the status of a candidate at another doctoral school, in accordance with the formula set out,
    11. documents issued outside the Republic of Poland should be legalized or signed with an apostille,
    12. candidates who are foreigners are obliged to submit an additional document confirming the possession of health insurance within the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1510, with later .) or travel medical insurance with a minimum insurance amount of 30,000 euros.

How to apply for a Ph.D. program

The selection of Ph.D. candidates to the Joint Doctoral School involves a competitive examination.

Entry requirements

Call for admission to a Ph.D. program is open to students of all ages and nationality who obtained a second level University degree (Master level). International qualifications will be assessed by the Examination Board during the selection and evaluation procedure and will be declared equivalent (or not) to a Polish second-level degree – Master Degree.

Equivalence of international qualifications

Before your application can be assessed for admission, your international qualifications must be declared equivalent to a Polish degree. If the outcome of the assessment is positive, your application will be evaluated for the admission to a Ph.D. program. Results of this assessment will be sent to you by e-mail.

Online application guidelines

  1. You have to submit your application within the online platform.
  2. Before you start, read carefully what documents you will need to upload (section “Required documents”).
  3. If you apply for the very first time, you must register into the University portal: create your applicant account using the button „Become an applicant”.
  4. Sign-in providing your secret applicant code.
  5. Find an interesting research topic and make the online registration procedure.
  6. Upload all required documents. In case of international qualifications: you will need to submit electronic/scanned copies of the original (or certified true copies) of your documentation: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Bachelor’s and Master’s transcripts and any other documents such as the Diploma Supplement.
  7. Contact the chosen supervisor to discuss details of the Ph.D. project and to get a statement of taking up the scientific supervision over the Ph.D. thesis.
  8. If you have any technical problem with the application please contact the Admission Office by e-mail.

Calendar of enrolment procedure and entrance examinations

  • 01.07.2019 (12:00, CET) Starting the electronic enrolment procedure.
  • 02.09.2019 Deadline for enrolment procedure.

Deadline for delivery of the required documents

  • 03.09.2019 –08.09.2019 Assessment of qualifications and delivered documents.
  • 09.09.2019 –18.09.2019 Entrance examinations (oral). Dates and venues of entrance examinations will be published.
  • 19.09.2019 (15:00, CET) Results of entrance examinations.
  • 20.09.2019 (12:00, CET) Final ranking list.
Last updated Aug 2019

About the School

The Silesian University of Technology organizes its Ph.D. studies within the Joint Doctoral School. The School aims to promote and implement research areas defined in the University development strate ... Read More

The Silesian University of Technology organizes its Ph.D. studies within the Joint Doctoral School. The School aims to promote and implement research areas defined in the University development strategy. Ph.D. studies prepare students to achieve a high degree of specialization and expertise in a scientific discipline. Read less