Design PhD


Program Description


The Design Ph.D. is essentially oriented towards the Thesis which students start working on from day one. It is also a Doctorate based on an understanding of what it means to be a Designer and what Designing is.

At IADE, students have the opportunity to study and research design with designers by profession and to be a part of a reputable Design Research Unit - UNIDCOM/IADE.

This Ph.D. is led by a faculty with extensive professional experience and has an environment conducive to the development of a strong bond between the professor and the student, which is key to developing and supervising a doctoral thesis.

The doctoral programme also affords students the possibility to access public examination to obtain the title of 'Agregado' in Design.

Research Group

All doctoral students shall become a part of the UNIDCOM/IADE, an R&D unit that carries out scientific research activities in the fields of Design, Marketing, Communication and the like. In this Research Unit, the doctoral students will get the chance to participate in and attend a set of lectures, with a total of 100 hours, offered by Doctors, some holding the title of ‘Agregado’, as well as by Members of the academy, during the 3 years required to obtain the degree of Doctor..

Who it's for

  • Those who have a Master’s Degree;
  • Those whose body of artistic work in Design corresponds to a Doctor's Degree in innovation and complexity.

Schedule / Duration

Evenings / 6 Semesters / 180 ECTS


Santos - Lisbon

Last updated April 2018

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